Strategy Development

We provide fresh thinking and we can help you access funding and convert your ideas into practical actions.

We help you define your goals and the actions that you need to take to achieve them. We develop strategies for partnerships, individual organisations and for departments/teams.

We will:

Assess internal and external factors that provide constraints, opportunities and influences, including the policy and market context, organisational structures and delivery mechanisms

Consult with you, your partners and those who will be responsible for implementing the strategy, to identify key issues and strategic aims

Develop a vision, underpinned by clear strategic objectives, linked to a set of practical actions that will help you achieve your goals

Identify a set of outcomes and indicators against which success can be measured;

Develop a clear narrative, based on robust evidence and a cost benefit analysis, that makes the case for the focus of the strategy

Develop a monitoring framework and help you to promote the strategy to the right audiences.

Developing strategies and providing fresh thinking Linking your ideas with practical solutions