Market Intelligence

We investigate markets and we undertake socio-economic impact assessments to inform planning applications.

We are skilled analysts, with a sound understanding of both the strengths and limitations of different datasets. Good analysis converts information from a range of sources into intelligence with real meaning. This underpins sound decisions.

We will:

Listen to you so that we are clear about what you need and why you need it (as well as what you don’t need and why you don’t need it)

Review how you currently use the information that you have and help you to think about how it could be better used

Review datasets and documents that will be most relevant to what you want to find, including assessing their strengths and limitations

Use benchmarks, time-series analysis, indexing and other statistical techniques to ensure that data are interrogated from a multiplicity of angles

Follow established guidance and approved methodologies for formal studies, such as socio-economic impact assessments to inform planning applications

Undertake depth interviews and facilitate workshops and focus groups, to combine soft intelligence with the quantitative analysis

Answer the ‘so what?’ question by making clear and relevant recommendations, based on robust analysis, to inform your decisions

Developing strategies and providing fresh thinking Linking your ideas with practical solutions