About Us

Nairne Ltd was established by Bruce and Ula Nairne in 2012 and since then it has quickly established itself as a leading strategic consultancy, providing fresh thinking, bespoke services and high quality market intelligence to enable organisations to achieve practical outcomes.

We have a dedicated team of staff and associates with expertise in economic and organisational development, business management, evaluation, strategy development and quantitative and qualitative research methodologies.

We work closely with other agencies to ensure that you have access to the expertise that you need.

“I have always been exceptionally pleased with the high quality of Nairne Ltd’s work. Bruce provides insightful analysis and has brought real clarity and expertise to the work that he has done for us.

I know of no other consultant who is able to get to the heart of the issue so quickly and provide support that so effectively informs our decision-making as an organisation”.

Elizabeth Funge, Head of School Improvement, East Sussex County Council

How we work is as important as what we do

Developing excellent relationships is key to delivering successful projects.

We successfully work with:

  • Private Businesses
  • Economic & Local Enterprise Partnerships,
  • Government Agencies & Local Authorities,
  • Developers, Landowners & Commercial Agents
  • Universities & Colleges

We abide by the Market Research Society Code of Conduct, the Social Research Society’s Ethical Guidelines and the Data Protection Act (1998).

We are a member of:

How we work is as important as what we do. We operate according to a number of simple principles:

Our Principles

We are adaptable and responsive. We will provide bespoke services and work in ways that best meet your needs.
We will work with you as well as for you, and we will work with other agencies so that you have the expertise and knowledge that you need.
We expect our outputs to exceed your expectations and we have a robust internal peer review circle to make sure this happens.
We operate on the principle of “no surprises”. We will discuss challenges with you when they arise and we will be clear about the methods that we use, so that we all know what to expect.
Added Value
We aim to improve your knowledge and expertise as a result of our input and give you new connections where we can.
Continuous Improvement
We will actively welcome your feedback on our approach and performance, so we can get better at what we do.